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My Services

My Services

Skills and methods

 Peter the Pisces / Peter Sousa   from Austin, Texas, and I'm delighted to be your Prophetic Psychic, and Angelic Lightworker. With a deep connection to the divine, I channel healing energies through Angelic Reiki and Lightwork rituals. My gift as a clairvoyant allows me to bring forth spiritual guidance rooted in divine messages, offering profound insights and transformation. Trust in my intuitive gifts to illuminate your path and bring healing to your soul. Let's embark on this magical journey together! 🌟🔮✨


My approach

My practice is solely guided by the divine gifts bestowed upon me by God. As a psychic, I've had the honor of being recognized by esteemed media outlets like FOX, NBC, and CBS, showcasing my expertise in this sacred field.

With a heart full of compassion and empathy, I am here to offer intuitive guidance and spiritual insights to help you navigate life's challenges. My specialties lie in psychic readings, where I focus on love and relationships, spiritual guidance, Christian readings, astrology, and dream interpretation. Together, let's unlock the wisdom of the universe and uncover the path that leads to a brighter tomorrow. 🌟✨

  • Psychic and Prophetic Readings
  • Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Volunteer for local Police and Federal Cases
  • Paranormal Psychic Investigations
  • Animal and Pet Psychic Readings
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Crystal & Stone Therapy
  • Herbalist for Wellness and Spiritual growth
  • Liberated Christian Minister
  • Angelic Lightworker (Christian Ritualistic Prayer Work)
My background

Peter the Pisces  is one of the most demanded virtual and in-person professional psychics. He is the author of several Christian metaphysical inspired books. He is a widely recognized psychic, parapsychology, and spiritual expert

Meet Peter, a devoted husband to his wife, Summer, and proud father to their daughter, Soleil. A family of kindred souls, their home is a haven of creativity and spirituality, where they engage in projects of enlightenment and spiritual growth together. Summer, a gifted reader, also holds certifications as a Yoga and Ayurvedic Teacher, nurturing wellness in mind and body.

Soleil, the curious soul of the family, has an insatiable love for space and Astrology. With a thirst for knowledge, she's always researching and learning something new each day.

Looking forward to the future, Peter and Summer envision opening a "spiritual boutique" once the Covid crisis subsides. Their dream is to create a sacred space that fosters spiritual exploration and soulful connections.

Additionally, Peter proudly serves as the Lead Minister at the "Church of New Enchantment," sharing his spiritual wisdom and guiding others on their profound journeys. Together, they embody the beauty of family, spirituality, and a shared passion for growth and enlightenment. 🌟🌿✨

lighted tealight candles

My Late Mother, Dr Julie Souså D.D.


Peter’s mother, the Late Psychic Medium and Author Dr. Julie D.D. was the epicenter of his spiritual growth and training. Peter has ventured further and further to learn and experience life and spirituality to its absolute fullest.

Years of Education and Experiences

  • Metaphysical Science B.A. UOM Sedona AZ
  • American Military University
  • Christian Leaders Institute
  • Doctor of Alternative Medicines IBAM-IN
  • Cosmetology Operator Diploma – Licensed for Ayurveda Practice
  • Ordained – Universal Metaphysical Ministry.
  • Certified Reiki Teacher and Master – Reiki Master and Instructor – Aimee Phlegar
  • Certificate in Medical Intuition – Linda Rauch
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Advanced Diploma – by Dr. Omar Abed
  • Certified in Dream Interpretation – Instructed by Rhonda Sesir
  • Meditation Instructor Certification – The Priority Academy
  • Health and Wellness Coach – Felix Harder
  • Crystal healing Practitioner – Academy of Ancient Magick

Current: TFU – Working 3rd PhD in Parapsychology MetSc


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